Arrest Wanlov for having gay intercourse – Lawyer

imagesA private legal practitioner, Dr Maurice Ampaw, has called for the immediate arrest of controversial afro-pop Star, Wanlov da Kubolor, for having gay sex.

According to the lawyer, the singer’s admission that he had sex with a fellow man some years back is a criminal offence, which must be investigated and punished.

Kubolor, in a recent television interview, confessed to having sex with a boy some years ago.

“I wanted to fulfill my sexual desires one time, and a guy was the only one around and that led to having sex with the boy”, he confessed.

The 33-year-old Romanian-Ghanaian also said he has so far bedded more than 300 women.

Dr Ampaw told Okay FM Thursday that Wanlov’s confession must not be forgiven.

“Kubolor must be arrested immediately. First he admits to having gay sex with a boy, which is criminal, because our laws do not entertain gay practices, and then he is publicly talking about it. That is appalling because that amounts to an abuse, which must never be overlooked. He should be arrested, the police must arrest him.

“It’s also criminal for him to even say publicly that he has slept with over 300 women. That guy must be arrested over all these loose talks. It’s against our laws for a man to disclose publicly the women he slept with. Even though he is not mentioning names, it is still wrong. He is clearly embarrassing those women which is against the laws of the land”, he fumed.