Artistes Managers: “Why Wait After The Show?”

There are some things in this world that ones needs to taste or be part of it before he can really comment or crucify somebody on it. One saying goes “you need to be part of them to think and do things like them”. It holds true in this particular feature you are about to digest.

It was an honourable duty for me presenting one of the best musicians for an event at the national theatre as the manager and promoter of that award winning musician. Therefore when I started chasing that contract, I knew I was in a for a big cash especially on the phone before I met the person who was doing the bargain in person.

Of course, the first thing that needed to be understood and agreed by both parties in our interaction was the fee to be agreed on. It was not that huge so I was so sure to receive everything in full until I was called to clear my cheque in their (event organizer`s) office.

I went there and surprisingly, it was half of the agreed amount which was given to me to be cleared the next day. I was at the bank the next day and how to clear that money became another story altogether where the tellers had to ensure that a payment has to be done elsewhere before there will be enough money to pay me.

Out of anger over that going on and forth, I left the back until the organizers informed me again that they have been able to clear issues so I can now go for my money. That notwithstanding, the rule that I have to take my money in full before my artiste mounts the stage was still valid and held in high esteem. The night of the event came and in high spirit to push my artiste to deliver one of the splendid performances for my interest, I got to the venue and the hall hosting the event was as dry as the desert.

We had no option than to deliver what we have been paid to do since the organizers themselves had faith in the few people scattered in the auditorium. This is where as the manager and promoter, I had to make sure that my duties will be executed with perfection so I started the search for the remaining cash to be paid me.

I had to make sure the artiste fails to mount the stage until I have my money in full, but before I could chase the one in the contract, the name of the artiste had been mentioned. Therefore, for fear of being talked about by the few radio presenters present, she mounted the stage in my absence.

So how do I get my money when my cards have been thrown on board without a win? The event organizers enjoyed the performance themselves, danced and sung along the songs until the end of the show. My bone of contention was about the fact that I had to wait for more hours to get the remaining cash from the event organizers. It was clear that they were waiting to make some sales from the events ticket before they could pay that small remaining cash.

So what is the need to agree to play a gig for an event organizer and understand to be paid after the show. This is just a fair warning to all artistes managers and promoters in this country. It`s high time event organizers respect your work and accord you the necessary regard to keep you in business.

To add insult to injury, the person brought the money and it was not the full amount and without any sense of shyness, she was able to tell me this is what they have been able to raise so we should take it as such. My humble advise is that all event organizers should get their budget before moving forward to organize any event and again, artistes managers and promoters should also take their charges in full before mounting any stage to perform.

Source: Flex Newspaper