Audio: Agya Koo insults and calls movie producer ‘fake’

imagesIt is an undeniable fact that popular Ghanaian actor Kofi Adu otherwise known as Agya Koo is bitter and would vent his anger on any individual he believes had a role to play in sidelining him from an industry he indeed helped restore.

In an interview over the weekend on Boss FM in Kumasi, Agya Koo rained curses on Mr. Samuel Nyamekye and alleged that the ordained pastor and CEO of Miracles Films was not a real pastor.

In as much as I wish you could listen to the full interview to make a better judgment, the available tape is that of Agya Koo and a bit of interjections by Mr. Samuel Nyamekye.

It can however be established that tempers were high. Watch the audio below: