AZONTO Means Prostitution

Musician and instrumentalist Azonko Simpi says it saddens his heart that instead of Ghanaians learning traditional music which is original music, we rather pay attention to other genres of music with the latest called Azonto music.

Azonko Simpi an exponent of traditional African music made this statement last week Friday during a lecture on the theme “Music –

One of the Golden Keys to Ghana’s Socio- Economic Development”, as one of the activities marking the 10th anniversary celebrations of the African University College of Communication in Accra.

He noted that azonto music is not original and expressed his regret over how a lot of Ghanaians are dancing to it. Explaining the meaning of Azonto, Azonko Simpi revealed that upon research, he found out that the meaning of Azonto was the worse form of prostitution.

According to him, he has been invited by institutions to talk on azonto music but upon realizing the meaning of it, he had declined. “I will entreat each one to do a research to get the real meaning of azonto, it is surprising many people do not understand the meaning of the azonto music but enjoy it”, he said.

Preceding the lecture were performances by the Classic African Orchestra group led by Azonko Simpi himself and the AUCC Echoes of Africa Choir. There was also an exhibition on traditional clothing and accessories.

Azonko advised the students to take advantage of whatever course they are studying to become better citizens of the country.

Source: Kofi Duah/Grapic Showbiz