Azumah Nelson is not a property oriented man|Counselor Lutterodt

counselor – George Lutterod

counselor – George Lutterodt

After stating that women should not marry poor men who cannot feed themselves, loud- mouth and controversial counselor – George Lutterodt has shifted his attention to Ghanaian boxing legend Azumah Nelson, describing him as a man who is not interested in owning and keeping properties.

Speaking on the Rundown Show with Joojo on TV Africa, counselor Lutterodt stated that Azumah Nelson is not property oriented. That is why even after the Kaneshie Complex has been named after him, he has till now, not done anything substantial to keep the place well kept and running.

“Azumah Nelson is not property oriented, had it not been so the Kaneshie Complex which is now named after him wouldn’t be in its current sorry state. Because he is a Ga he doesn’t really care”. He said.

Counselor George Lutterodt made this statement when he was touching on tribes and their temperaments on the show. He explained that Ga’s are Sanguins and Sanguins are not property oriented people. They don’t really worry themselves over owning properties.

To support his statement, he decided to use Azumah Nelson who is a Ga to set an example.