Bak Tye Found Facing Tough Time

images Back Tye a onetime hit of Ghanaian music way back in 2003 to 2005. He was on stage on Friday at Mzbel concert and was sacked of the stage because he wasn’t part of the act. Today he was interviewed and he explained his predicament to the public. He explained that most people didn’t recognize him and he just wanted to surprise Mzbel because she was performing a song her wrote with her.
He revealed that he was with Mzbel back in 2003 when she worked as a secretary at the recording studios they worked with. During that time there were even rumors that they were dating which was not true. He claimed they were very good friends. When he met Mzbel on Saturday she was so happy to see him, gave him some money and apologized for the embarrassment.
Bak Tye also explained that he didn’t have a good manager and made a lot of mistakes with his music and lost everything eventually. After that he became so depressed that he took to drinking which made the situation worst and no one was ready to help him. He tried all he could but couldn’t get back on his feet.He admitted that he has tried contacting some people he used to work with but most of them ignore him just a few help him with a little financial help. He looked so different and unhealthy and its so hard to recognize him as Bak Tye. Some of the people he used to work with are Bandana now Shattawale, Madfish, Samini , Obuor, Castro and many other stars. This guy was huge during his time and would have been better if he made better choices.
Some people phoned in and tried to get his contact to help him get back on his feet. He was encouraged and asked to quit drinking so help given to him won’t be channeled into that. He received all advise in good faith and is ready to come back .

Monica Otumfuor

Culled from Ampluzz