Bandex backs Agya Koo

imagesMovie producer, Ahmed Banda popularly known as Bandex, says he sees no reason actor Agya Koo should render an apology to movie producers for his attitude.

Speaking to Abrantepa on Radio Univers’ Brunch2Lunch, Bandex questioned why the producers were now raising concerns about Agya Koo’s attitude when they could have done that earlier.

“The issue is so delicate that if you are not careful, you will be unfair to one party. However, one thing that baffles me has been calls for Agya Koo to apologize. Who should he apologize to?

Why should he apologize? If Agya Koo had insulted anyone, then the calls for him to apologize would have been acceptable by me. But if he is to apologize for his attitude, I disagree.

As humans, we have an ego especially when popularity sets in. If the producers were able to tolerate him when he was popular, why can’t they do so now? They should have questioned his attitude at that time. Then, I would have backed them,” Bandex said.

Agya Koo has been off cameras for over two years as a result of producers’ decision not to feature him in their movies.

According to the producers, the actor has shown gross disrespect towards them.

Not long ago, the actor alleged that Samuel Nyamekye, CEO of Miracle Films sent his picture to a juju man to bring his career down. However, Mr. Nyamekye refuted the claim, saying, he only prayed for the actor.

Bandex has noted that it wasn’t right for the producer to have engaged in such an act without the actor’s consent. “You have no right to use anybody’s picture without his consent. How could you?

Do you know his desires? Why won’t you ask the fellow what his problems are? He should have asked Agya Koo what his problems are and even asked him for his picture.

The story would have been different if Samuel Nyamekye had asked for Agya Koo’s permission.”