BBA: Six housemates revealed

imagesAhead of the launch of Big Brother Africa Hotshots next month, the organisers, Mnet and Endemol have begun the stepped release of the list of housemates.

Although the representatives for Ghana are yet to be revealed, six housemates from five countries have been named. They are Butterphly from Zimbabwe, Ellah and Esther from Uganda, Alusa from Kenya, Idris from Tanzania and Goitse, Botswana.

Alusa, 33, is an actor, radio drama director and MC. He is married and has three children. He describes himself as “ambitious, spiritual, out-spoken, generous and mysterious”.

Ellah, 23, is a Sales Assistant with a BSc in Business Computing from Nsambya, Uganda. She describes herself as “charismatic, bitchy, outspoken, loving and sophisticated”.


Butterphly, 24, is a radio, television presenter and producer from Harare. She describes herself as “unique, feisty, mysterious, fun-loving and witty”.

Goitse, 22, is a Bachelor of Fine Arts theatre student who describes herself as “carefree, free-spirited, fun, energetic and motivated”.

Esther, 23, is a pint-sized student, who Esther who is looking forward to giving Africa the chance to see her “true self” and describes herself as ‘meek, bubbly, creative, truthful and loving’. Esther likes the fact that she’s ‘bubbly, friendly and outgoing’.

Idris, 21, is a photographer from Arusha. “I wants to inspire people and make a name for myself in the process,’ he says. He feels “thrilled, excited, accomplished and totally special”.