Big Brother Africa StarGame: Angolan pair exiting the show

Esperanca eventually pulled the plug on Seydou and they have both told Big Brother that they are leaving the Big Brother Africa StarGame.

During their diary session, Tuesday, Esperanca immediately stormed at Big Brother saying she has had it with Seydou and wants to leave in the next 24 hours.

“I don’t need a psychologist, I don’t need 24 hours, I just want to go Biggie,” Esperanca said while Seydou just sat there unmoved.

Esperanca complained about how Seydou was not pulling his weight around the House where chores are concerned and she was tired of doing the duties on her own whenever they were assigned to work as a pair.

Seydou said Esperanca has been threatening to pull out of the game way before they entered the House. As early as Day 3 of the game, Esperanca wanted voluntary Eviction but Seydou managed to sweet talk her to change her mind.

Seydou added that Esperanca wanted to quit now because her friends Eve and Edith are up for possible Eviction this week and she couldn’t bear to be in the House without them.

Biggie suggested that Seydou show some respect to Esperanca which could perhaps help in changing her mind.

Biggie reemphasized that if Esperanca leaves then Seydou will have to go too as they entered the game as a pair.

“I’m stepping out Biggie,” Esperanca insisted and it seems like Seydou has also lost his patience and just before Biggie completed their diary session, he wanted to know if he can start packing immediately to which Biggie said it was entirely up to him.



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