Big Brother StarGame: Mampi gets six eviction nominations

Mampi was the common denominator throughout the first Upville nominations Monday.

Everyone with the exception of gossip buddy Maneta, put Zambia’s Mampi on the chopping block this week.

This is not surprising, considering the complaints in the past week about her pre-disposition to gossip.

Maneta, on the other hand, has the second highest number of nominations, thanks to her friendship with Maneta.

Lady May told Big Brother how the two have formed a formidable gossip duo, while Roki did not hesitate to put his fellow ‘countryman’ up, revealing how Maneta is “slowly fading into Mampi”.

DKB, who is Head of House was surprisingly put on the chopping block by Prezzo, who he spends a lot of time with. Prezzo’s reason for nominating the comedian was that DKB is not real with himself and is trying too hard to fit in.

Mampi pulled the trigger at him too, without so much as batting an eyelash. “He has been stepping on my toes the last week. He has such a big head now that he is Head of House”, she said.

Goldie garnered two nominations, from Mampi and Maneta respectively. Mampi called Goldie a plastic pretender, while Maneta called her “fake”.

Lady May and Prezzo each got a Nomination apiece.

Barbz nominated Prezzo, after assuring Big Brother that it wasn’t because of their past issues. “He says Africa loves him, so this is his chance to prove it”, she said.

Roki and Barbz can rest easy. No one nominated either of them.

Results of Monday’s nominations:

Mampi – 6
DKB – 3
Maneta – 3
Goldie – 2
Lady May – 1
Prezzo – 1
Barbz – 0
Roki – 0