Big Brother Stargame: Zainab Goes Bald

After telling Barbz she wants to shave her head to become the perfect canvas for the Art Fusion Task, Zainab went ahead and did just that.

If that’s not commitment, we don’t know what is! This evening, Zainab recruited Prezzo, DKB and Roki to be a part of her ‘glam squad’. The guys all took turns helping out with chopping off her locks, as some of the girls watched.

Maneta seemed taken aback by Zainab’s bold decision and asked the model why she was cutting her hair. Zainab revealed that she cuts her hair often and isn’t too addicted to hair extensions and weaves, like other girls.Barbz told the other girls the look is bound to give Zainab a leg up in the cutthroat modeling industry.

We cannot wait to see how she will look during the Task Presentation. Will she regret her decision later? Let’s wait and see if Big Brother will be impressed or not. What do you think of Zainab’s transformation?