Blitz the Ambassador Breaks Boundaries

One of KDIC 88.5FM’s current programmes is called Erasing Boundaries, and it’s a series of interviews with artists, musicians and writers who strive to erase musical and cultural boundaries.

Previous guest include Lupe Fiasco, rapper Big Sean, and the band They Might Be Giants, and the guest this week was Brooklyn-based Ghanaian rapper, bandleader, artist and filmmaker Blitz the Ambassador.

If you’ve listened to Blitz’s most recent album Native Son, you’ll understand why he was a good pick for the show. It’s a hip-hop album all right, but you’ll also hear Ethiopian funk jazz, Afrobeat, R&B and more, and one minute he’s flowing in Pidgin, the next in Twi or English. (You get to hear some of the tracks from that album during the show, specifically Accra City Blues, Instrumentalude, Wahala, Akwaaba, Native Sun and Free Your Mind, and Breathe from the previous album Stereotype).

But equally pertinent to his invitation is the content of his music. As he explains, people relate to what he’s saying whether he’s performing in Ghana, the States or Europe, because people all over the world want the same things, a better life, fair wages, better access to the basics: healthcare, education, etc., and changing the status quo that prevents people from getting these things is what his music is about.

He also explains why he has musicians playing real instruments when he records or performs. If only other hip-hop artists would try this, even if only occasionally.

He talks about how what he does is rooted in Ghana, of course, but for more on that it’s worth watching the following 10-minute video as well. Blitz’s new album gRIOT coming your way this summer!