Bread&Wine hosts Miss Universe Ghana finalists

Bread&Wine, one of the sponsors of Miss Universe Ghana 2014 has hosted the winner, Abena Appiah and  other finalists at their restaurant in Osu. Bread & Wine is an exclusive french styled restaurant which provides guests with delicious french cuisine, as well as external catering services. With various options including dining in a gardensetting or in exclusive dining rooms, Bread&Wine also has a pool area for swimming and grabbing some quick foods. The girls started off with a dip in the pool and proceeded to having some h’orderves and  beverages .

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After the fun and games, they proceeded to a dining room where they were taken through  lessons in etiquette by American actress and socialite, Sherry Bronfman. Sherry and her daughter, Vanessa were both judges for the Miss Universe Ghana finale. Sherry Bronfman (also known as Sherri Brewer) is an actress, known for Shaft (1971).  She is also a director, philanthropist, community activist and an all round fashionista.

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This diva was once married to the very handsome heir of the Seagram’s fortune, Edgar Bronfman, Jr. They share three children, one of whom (Ben Brewer) is a rock musician. The couple met through Dionne Warwick in the late 70s when Sherry (nee Brewer) was an actress and Edgar, Jr. was an aspiring songwriter (Dionne recorded his tuneWhisper in the Dark). In 1979 the couple eloped in New Orleans against the wishes of the elder Bronfman who reportedly told the couple that their children would not be accepted by Black or White society. Edgar, Jr. stopped speaking to his father and did not reconcile with him until 1982. A few years later, Edgar, Jr. joined his father in running the Seagram’s empire. The tension continued for years allegedly within the family over the interracial union. Sources also say that the couple amicably divorced in 1991 with Ms. Sherry walking away with a very healthy alimony payment.
Sherry Bronfman has been setting the social world on fire in New York City! Some of her charitable activities include support for The Rush Foundation, The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), and the Publishing Certificate Program at the City College of New York.
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