BREAKING NEWS: Jacob Zuma resigns as president of South Africa

Former president Jacob Zuma has announced his resignation during a televised press conference.

Former president Jacob Zuma has announced his resignation as the president of South Africa during a televised address.
The president spoke from the Union Buildings in Pretoria shortly after 10pm.
Analysts struggled to predict before the announcement which way it would go; whether Zuma would resign or would opt to face a vote of no confidence in parliament.
Zuma joked with journalists present at the briefing, before announcing his resignation.
He was nostalgic about his time in power, as well as his time with the ANC

“All my life, I have served, and will continue to serve the ANC…” said Zuma. “I fear no motion of no confidence or impeachment…” he continued.
“I thank the citizens of South Africa for the privilege of serving as the president of the Republic since 2009,” he said, before thanking government, arms of state, other political parties, stakeholders – business, religious, youth leaders, women’s groups, and others united by the goal of moving South Africa forward.

Source : randburgsun