Buk Bak Deliberately Leaked Kolom Video For Publicity Stunt: RGB Studio Speaks

RGB studio who produced the controversial video for Buk Bak’s smash hit song “Kolom” has giving their side of the controversy surrounding the new video, which the group said they are not happy with the outcome.

Isaac Offei Awuah (Ike), who is one of the film Directors of RGB studio, explained that he accepted a request from Ignace Hego of 4syte TV, to help the Buk Bak boys produce a music video. This request was thrown in by Ignace Hego on seeing the recent music video directed by Isaac offei Awuah under RGB studios for International Artist 2face

Idibia’s “Raindrops” track and manifest’s “Makaa maka” music video.
Considering the current financial situation of the Buk Bak, since their going solo was a failure. Ike said he took upon himself to help the Buk Bak boys merely out of generosity and had nothing to do with RGB studios.

An amount of Five hundred Ghana Cedis (500ghc) was said paid to Ike by Buk Bak’s financier. This money was supposed to be used for basic cost like transportation and food for Ike’s friends who had volunteered to help the Buk Bak in the same course.

The neglect of the “media friends” to the Buk Bak incapacitated the director hence, the less than expected outcome. After hours of waiting for Ronny Coaches to bring the rest of the equipment’s, He realized at point of collection, that the lights to be used that day had dead bulbs.

He then had to go to town to purchase them whiles everybody was set waiting for the shoot to start. Things began falling apart since the whole production had to be executed within a certain time frame.

Despite these availing challenges and several others which have been left out to save face. Being empathetic to the situation, Ike took upon himself to go ahead with the edits, looking at the financial state of the Buk Bak since they had no money to reshoot.

Unfortunately the video didn’t turn out well since “one can’t expect wine for the price of bear” said Ike. Ike strongly thinks the leakage of the Buk Bak “Kolom” video was deliberately done by the Buk Bak as a publicity stunt. He claimed to be very certain of this statement because, he vividly remember to have receive a phone call months ago, from a friend who works at SKD (an audio visual authoring Centre in Accra) telling him of the Buk Bak kolom video being packaged for with other video.

Ike narrated calling Buk Bak’s manager to announce this development. Feedback he had was that, Ronny of Buk Bak had sold the right to one Kumasi business, which Ronny had later admitted in a recorded telephone conversation, which has been attached to this release.
Ike remains astound to hear his name in public domain, as collecting payment of over 10,000 GHC to produce such quality of video.

He expressed further that, he is no longer going to touch on this issue of cheap publicity stunt because, currently, three of his music video directed for international artist, 2face Idibia’s rain drops and M.anifest’s Makaa Maka, alongside Channel O’s latest project on Ghana’s independence day, featuring Ghana’s international Artistes Wanlove the Kubolor, Afya, X.O Senavoe and Ebo Taylor, are being played prime time on channel O, MTV base, Sun city and Trace TV speaks for themselves.

Watch the “Kolom” video below:






Source: Eugene Osafo-Nkansah/Peacefmonline.com/Ghana