Captain Planet Debunks Rumours That Women Caused The Break-Up Of 4X4

Captain Planet speaks on the state of 4×4. Furthermore, he reiterates his stance that the musical group hasn’t broken up. However, they are each pursuing solo projects.

Also, he spoke about the the rumours that they broke up because of women. He stated that he was a married man as was Coded. Therefore, he sees no reason why women would come in between them.

Captain Planet on 4×4 breaking up and women rumours

“We are colleagues, I speak to them all the time. We are like brothers, and we love each other, so, we are cool. I am married, Coded is married, so where from the women? We do not go chasing women.

“We are still together. It is fourteen years of 4×4 now, and we are trying to reinvent ourselves and come back again. But for now, we are doing solo projects all in the name of keeping the group alive.”