Castro Paralysis Saga …Manager Speaks

DJ Amess, manager of hiplife star Castro, has strongly debunked rumours that Castro has been struck by an unknown ailment resulting in him being paralyzed.

The rumour was widely discussed in the media last week with scores of discussants attributing Castro’s ailment to his inability to honour his part of a “deal” after seeking spiritual assistance for the success in his musical career.

However, DJ Amess, in an interview with the Weekend Finder, described the rumours regarding the ailment of the renowned artist as malicious and uncalled for.

According to him, such rumours were being speculated by a section of the media for their own parochial interests and called on the public to disregard such reports.

DJ Amess, who looked worried and sounded furious when commenting on the issue, stated that Castro is healthy and wondered why people would still peddle false rumours just to tarnish the musician’s image.

“Let me tell you, Castro has been driving around town since last week, but people have not noticed it because of the new car he is using. I won’t deny the fact that Castro got his leg twisted but that was caused through an injury he sustained during a friendly football match but even so that injury didn’t get him paralyzed. We decided to adopt the traditional means by using herbal medicine to heal the wound and people are even attributing this to fetish practices. Are we saying that none of us have ever gotten ill to seek medical attention? I can tell you on authority that Castro is recovering from the injury,” he added.

DJ Amess strongly debunked claims that Castro fell sick and got paralyzed outside of the country and was rushed back to Ghana for medical attention in a shrine.

“I don’t want to comment on this issue because the facts are deliberately being twisted by the media. Why would someone want to attribute a leg twisting to an incident that happened in January this year? Castro is not paralyzed, he is doing very well,” he told the Weekend Finder.

Asked if he felt these rumours were being speculated by Castro’s “competitors” in the industry as a way of bringing him down, he strongly accused Babiee Dapaah, host of TV3’s Hot Gossips for starting the rumour.

According to him, Babiee who is said to be the manager of hip life artiste, Guru, used the “Hot Gossips” show of which she is the hostess to spread this false information.

“I don’t know why she did that because we are very close colleagues in the same industry, so she could have confirmed the information from us before bringing it to the public domain,” he said.

However, when this reporter contacted Babiee Dapaah to give her side of the story, she vehemently denied the accusation by DJ Amess that she started spreading the false information on Castro’s illness.

She said she could not be accused of masterminding the rumour since she only did what was right as a host by wishing Castro well on her show when she had hints of his sickness.

She said she was disappointed at DJ Amess for wrongfully pointing fingers at him as the source of the story.

“How can DJ Amess accuse me when I gave him the platform to explain the issues when the rumour started? I never mentioned it on the show that Castro was paralyzed or had stroke. I only wished him a speedy recovery as a concerned person in the same industry. Is that what I am wrongly being accused of?” she asked.

The fuming Babiee did not hide her displeasure at the latest developments, remarking that “if DJ Amess is pursuing his own agenda, then he should implement it without riding on my back.”

She told the Weekend Finder that even though she gave DJ Amess the opportunity to explain their side of the story on her show, he still went ahead to lie to Castro’s father that she (Babiee) started the false rumour and the man called to verbally attack her.

“I vividly recall that DJ Amess personally told me that Asamoah Gyan and Castro will release a new single this year, so I am sure he is just using this issue to get the needed publicity. I don’t have a problem if someone uses my name and show to get publicity but I won’t take that when it puts me in a bad light,” she stated, adding, “I personally know that Castro is not paralyzed so why will I say he is?” she queried.

Source: Weekend Finder