Charterhouse Brings “GH Entertainment Awards” This Year

44209898_76885On Sunday 12th January, 2014, host of the only Sunday radio entertainment programme – Flex on Pluz in Ghana, Samuel Atuobi Baah, asked the PRO of Charterhouse, Mr. George Quaye, if it’s true they have plans of birthing another award scheme called Ghana Entertainment Awards.

“Yes it’s true we shall be organizing another award scheme called GH Entertainment. It’s actually something we conceived two years ago but we were still putting the pieces together behind the scene. God being so good, GH Entertainment Awards shall come off this year hopefully before the first quarter of the year ends.

“We shall be launching it before this month – January ends and after that, more details of the award would be made public or available to the media. What would be so different from this award and Ghana Music Awards?

“Well unlike Ghana Music Awards, Ghana Movie Awards, Radio and Television Personality Awards, and the other awards which are specialty awards, GH Entertainment Awards is an award scheme designed to award people in all the different sects of our creative arts industry.”

“We shall be awarding players in music, movies, broadcasting, Art writing, event producers and directors, painting, graphics, a little sport and others,” George Quaye intimated.

Indeed, this award promises to be one with a broader scope compared to all the award schemes we have in Ghana.




  • thank you charter house, i will be excited if i can be considered to find my self in any of the listed up interview.