CK Morgan promises to sue Jon Germain

imagesGhanian Born Germany based Musician CK Morgan has threatened to sue TV host and musician, Jon Germain, for tagging him a fraudster.

The two personalities are yet to settle their differences in a feud over a song titled Facebook Love, which they recorded together. They fell out early this year after the song which belongs to CK but featured Jon was released.

According to Jon he has not been paid for the part he sang in the song and therefore CK has no right to release the song. CK on the other hand, told News-One in an exclusive interview this week that the song had not been released and that what was making the rounds now was a leaked version.

He explained further that he and Jon agreed on an amount of $2000 as payment but the money was yet to be paid because Jon had not completed his part of the recording.

…. I asked him if he will like to jump on my song and he himself said, he will do it if he likes the song. I played him the song and he wrote me back that he liked it .So he went to the studio the next day and he recorded the song and sent it back to me.

What he delivered on the song is not what I was expecting. So I wasn’t happy with his verse. The only thing i asked him was to redo his verse, and he got offended. Then we decided that we were not going to release any song.

But for whatever reason, the guy at where i recorded the song leaked the song .I never released any song and I won’t even release a song that is not mastered yet.

Then he started calling me and shouting at me, CK said According to him, he was heading to court because Jon had injured his reputation in his quest to look good in the court of public opinion.

CK alleged that Jon Germain masterminded media reports describing him a “fraudster’. He said he will do whatever it takes to clear his name

“Jon started insulting me and that forced me to reply and insult him back. I guess he didn’t like what he heard me say on the phone .So within an hour he was all over the blogs calling me a fraudster and that i did it to Mzbel, James Gardner, Jay Ghartey and other. But all those claims are not true.

You can call Mzbel and find one out. I don’t have any beef with Mzbel. I don’t know James Gardner and those other people they were mentioning.” CK said on Tuesday.