Cultural Representation with Miss Malaika

Knowing one’s cultural heritage and root is an important aspect of every African thus, the adorable carefully selected 16 delegates of the Miss Malaiaka Ghana 2014 pageant visited their roots and displayed very colourful and interesting performances to the admiration of their fans and television viewers.

Television viewing just got interesting as the 2014 edition of the Miss Malaika Ghana TV episode started in Ernest. The official unveiling of the 16 delegates happened live on GhOne TV and now the weekly tasks have just began.The delegates were divided into three groups and competed in two keen segments.

In the first segment, the delegates presented a 5 min presentation through dance and music with the theme ‘UNITY IN CULTURAL DIVERSITY’ where the delegates exhibited interesting and unique cultural pieces together.  2nd segment; a general knowledge quiz amongst the group of from different culture backgrounds (costume, food, tourism, festivals, celebrations, etc)

The Delegates represented all the 10 regions of Ghana as they dressed beautifully in their different cultural costumes. The cultural episode was chaired by Mawuli Semevor, a veteran Ghanaian actor and at the end of the episode, below was the ratings.

miss-malaika-2014-1 miss-malaika-2014-2 miss-malaika-2014-3 miss-malaika-2014-4 miss-malaika-2014-5 miss-malaika-2014-6 miss-malaika-2014-7