D-black slaps critics

dblack-dj-breezyRapper and CEO of Black Avenue Muzik record label, D-black has reacted to claims that he cannot release a hit song without collaborating with other artistes. The award-winning rapper has been criticized for not releasing a solo hit song but teams with popular artistes on all his popular songs. Hit songs like “Personal Person” featured Castro, “Woara” featured Kesse, “ Vera” featured Joey B, “Carry Go” featured Davido and his latest single from his upcoming third album, “Son of God” also featured singer Bisa Kdei.

D-black in an interview with Abrantepa, host of the mid-morning show, “Brunch 2 Lunch” on Radio Univers stated that he works with other artistes on his songs due to his inability to put across his message well in the local language, Twi.

“I cannot express myself well in Twi so most of the time I call somebody who can sing in the local language to help me send the message out to the masses. That is why you see me working with people like Castro, Kwabena Kwabena, Bisa Kdei and others.”

“These are the people I like working with because of their vocal ability and the way they can send the message out there. I understand and speak it but I can’t make music with it. Rapping in Twi is not for me. I don’t have enough grasp in Twi and Ga to rap in them so I just rap in the language I’m good at and allow those who have power over the local language help me”

D-Black will be releasing his third album early next year. “Personal Person” which featured Castro and “Son of God” featuring Bisa Kdei are the first two singles from his third upcoming album. D-black will release the video to his “Setewaa D3nky3″ hit song on September 26th.