Damon Dash’s Brother Calls Him Out

Photo Credit: Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram

It’s pretty well know that Damon Dash has a very strong personality, so it’s not really a shocker that even his own brother gets annoyed with him often.

And an appearance on VH1’s “Family Therapy” couldn’t help things.

Jeremy Dash feels Dame only signed them up for “Family Therapy” for a check because he hasn’t changed much since the show wrapped up.

He tells VH1:

“If I know how my brother’s mind works, I’m pretty sure he went into this thinking that it would be a good commercial for him to promote his brand because, he don’t give a s–t. I know him very well, he looked at it, I’m sure, as an opportunity to promote his brand, promote himself. But me and Bobby, we talked about it quite a bit and said, ‘Why not take this opportunity to hash this out?’

“When I thought about it I said, ‘This is the perfect opportunity for me to expose Damon for the douche bag he really is. He has a reputation for being a bully, and being disrespectful and he’s obviously narcissistic sociopath but nobody’s really pulled his card in a public forum, the way I had the opportunity to do. No one stood up to him, the way I had the opportunity to do in front of America, and good because he needed that. The response that I get from the viewers and the fans is very positive and supportive and that alone is worth it for me. Just having people come up to me and saying, ‘Hey, Jeremy, I just want to commend you for putting up with your brother’s bulls–t,’ that alone made it worth it for me.”

Jeremy also claims that Dame would belittle him in front of anyone, including Jay Z:

“…Me and Damon did a lot of cool s–t together. We were great, not great but we had a relationship. In my teenage years, I was around him a lot. I watched him build that Roc-A-Fella empire. I met Jay Z when nobody knew who the hell he was. I remember going to his apartment outside of New Jersey and watching basketball with him, and nobody knew who the f–k he was. I watched Damon build that brand. We were cool. We used to go to the Hamptons together and party and travel and laugh but he was always a douche bag. His thing is, he likes to belittle people.

“I’ll never forget, this is a good example of the kind of person that he is, he brought me around Jay Z for one of the first times, I was around 17 years old. It was Jay Z and his partner Biggs [Burke], and we were in the Hamptons. I had a piercing in my lip at the time, I had my ears stretched, gauges and s–t. I’ve always been into that rock-n-roll type s–t, but anyway. Damon was relentlessly teasing me, teasing me, teasing me about this f–king piercing, in front of Jay Z and I’m embarrassed, this is Jay Z. And [Damon] was laughing at his own jokes, you know, putting me down and belittling me. But Jay was kind of looking at him like, ‘You’re a f–king asshole.’ I could see it in his eyes, he wasn’t laughing. It got to the point where I said, “F–k this” and I unscrewed the spike out of my lip and threw it into the woods and I”ll never, ever forget that s–t. And Jay, he wasn’t saying anything but he wasn’t laughing, he was just looking at Damon like, ‘You’re a f–king p—k.’ That’s just who he is, he gets off on putting other people down to make himself look better and I’m not with that and I don’t like that, I don’t respect that. That’s why I choose not to be around him because he’s still like that and he’ll probably never change. That’s why the only people around him are his girlfriends or the people that are using him as a stepping stone, or a come-up.”

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles|urbanbellemag.com