Does The Crowd Matter?

shatta_waleDoes the crowd matter?
Most people go to a stage to perform to people who are ready to listen and look at what they have to offer. When you get to the stage and you see these people how do you feel and when there is no one how do you feel?
According  to Willi Roi a contributor on AM Pluzz it’s very necessary  to perform whether there is a crowd or not when you mount a stage.
He further went on to explain that it doesn’t  matter the number  of people sitting  to watch you. You must be able to move a few people. He cited an example that he encourages artiste to put up their act even though there is a few or no one to watch them.
Willi Roi  gave an example that he had a show and when they were about to start  most people had not arrived. He encouraged an artiste to start performing  even though  there was no one watching. The artiste performed for about  30 minutes, an investor walked  in and was so impressed  that he decided to meet up with the artiste. The artiste got a contract from the investor into his career. The investor stated that he was impressed  on how well the artiste  performed with the chairs and will do better with a large crowd.
Most people won’t like  to perform  when there are a few or no one watching them. You never  know where your opportunity  will rise from so don’t  miss out and learn to move your little crowd and be able to move the bigger ones.

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Monica  Otumfuor

Culled  from  AM  Pluzz