Dzigbordi Dosoo now TV show host on Africa Magic

It seems African women thrive on new challenges. And we have a lot of them doing that here on AfricaMagic Entertainment like Patricia Amara, Mo’ Abudu and now Dzigbordi Dosoo.

Even with their plates full they still have the capacity to take on more tasks and make use of opportunities that women never had before.

Such is the case with Dzigbordi Dosoo (pronounced Gee-bore-dee). Dzigbordi is a wellness, image and lifestyle coach, entrepreneur and talk show host amongst many other things. AfricaMagic Entertainment viewers have witnessed her work as a wellness expert on Pamper Your Mum, a wellness show that broadcast on AfricaMagic Entertainment recently.

As CEO and founder of the Allure Group Africa, Dzibordi is responsible for the first Day Spa in Ghana. With her vast knowledge of the beauty industry, she co-created an authentically African skin care range called ‘kanshi’.

Dzibordi is also a sought after motivational speaker, a career path which gave birth to her TV show – the Dzibordi Show. This talk show host and entrepreneur has won several awards for being a pioneer in the wellness industry in West Africa. Some of these special awards include the ‘CIMG Marketing Woman of the Year Award’ in 2009 and ‘Outstanding and Influential Ghanaian’ in 2010.

She’s featured on various style magazines and handbooks globally, most recently she graced the cover of Leadership Life & Style Magazine, where she was touted as “Africa’s Oprah”. Dzibordi is also a wife and mother.
A bit about the Dzibordi Show

The Dzigbordi Show is a thirteen part-hour long show which captures the essence of the host.

In each episode Dzibordi helps numerous people find personal success in different spheres of their lives from work related problems to finances, relationships and mental strength.

Dzibordi is a philanthropist and dedicates some of her time to mentoring young women to achieve their goals despite their odds and we see how all these relationships play out as segments in her show.

The Dzigbordi show aired first on AfricaMagic Entertainment on Mon 9 Jul at 17:30 CAT