Eazzy Admits Smoking Marijuana?

Before we wrapped up for the day on Tuesday October 23, 2012. We did our last minute trolling on twitter to catch up with our awesome fans on the social media site.

A tweet from the first lady of Lynx entertainment ‘Eazzy‘ immediately caught our attention. The ‘wengeze’ female musician tweeted a photo of her in a stance implicating she either smoked some ntampi or she is getting ready to get high up in the clouds with the caption “Smoke sum shit”.

However, a quick check on the celebrities twitter/instagram revealed that the said photograph have been deleted or blocked from public view.

Eazzy, if confirmed really smokes ‘ntanpi’ will join the likes of King Ayinsoba who made headlines with his confession of being an addict and subsequent allegation that most Hip-Life artistes smoke.

So we ask, does Eazzy roll and light it up or it’s just a case of twitteristis? You know the case of tweeting just to tweet? OMG! Ghana will like to believe the latter.

Source: Omgghana.com