It has become obvious a vaccine is on its way to vaccinate people against contacting EBOLA virus. Unlike

the swine flu this disease has taken 1552 lives out of 3058 recorded cases in the infected region – Sierra

Leone, Guinea and Liberia. Congo also recorded 53 cases with 13 dead from the infection since the first

case was recorded on 24 August 2014 to present. As always Africa is never prepared for any eventuality

nor do they establish any system to curtail any situation. Always looking up to the developed countries

– who may have been the reason for their current situation – to assist in resolving situations that

could have been prevented? The ongoing outbreak is believed to have started in December 2013; the

Americans have managed to cure two infected individuals who were flown over to the United States,

whereas people in red zone continue to die.

One would assume by being able to cure two individuals is an opportunity to secure a medication

soluble to the wide spread disease. Of course Ebola is not friendly; not willing to compromise without

the “secrete drug” – described by CNN – yet the Americans are rather proposing to supply vaccination

to uninfected individuals in the red zone and surrounding

region. How about the innocent patients, who never asked for3996356646116_2440217112294

any of these? Is this a test to suggest Africans are

not fit to govern themselves? Or, is it a

succession of weak and “useless” governance?

If truly the WEST had intension of helping eradicate the Ebola,

shouldn’t the “Secrete drug” be supplied? Did the western drug

manufacturing companies infect the disease on Africans to pave

way for their devious mission? Somehow the media has always been used to push fear in people, whiles

patronizing the mission of their masters. African leaders need to put their differences behind and work

on their political skills. It is a problem asking people to stop eating bush-meat for conservatism, yet it

seems much easier to graft disease and blame the people for eating bush-meat. Will that strategy

frighten people from eating bush-meat again?

The perception that the WEST has the solution to almost everything is slowing the growth of Africa. The

IMF, WHO and World Bank operate together to mastermind outrageous malicious activities to enrich

the capitalist vision.

In the wake of the EBOLA crises in Africa, ALS – Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis – was out door as

awareness through the –bucket challenge – made $100m in the USA. Although in approximation claims

2 lives in a year, about 30,000 new cases are reported every year in the US alone. A vaccine would have

been idle considering the possible action being taken towards the eradication of EBOLA. Many other


ARE HIDDING? Or, should we question Africa leaders’ integrity?

Souce: Antwi Odrey – aodrey@gmail.com