Evergreen Dance Band to Rock +233 Bar And Grill

IMG-20151003-WA0001Evergreen Dance Band to Rock +233 Bar And Grill

Evergreen dance band is set to rock the +233 bar and grill on Sunday 11th of October at 7pm. This performance is a classical one dubbed “music of the good old days”, they will be taking us back to the good old days and reminisce some of the good moments through music. So live band music lovers and anyone looking for a good time to enjoy good music and relax should make it a point to be there.

The Evergreen Dance band was formed last year after a breakaway from the Ramblers band. The Evergreen dance band has a membership of expertise and skill in music. All members of the band are university graduates who studied music. The evergreen dance band is in love with music and will make you see their passion in their spectacular performance.


Monica Otumfuor