Five seconds with FAMOUZ

Antwi Odrey: In brief, tell us about famouz.

Famouz: Identified as one of the best groups GH and Africa has ever produced, we go by the name FAMOUZ, One of Ghana‟s best Afro pop, Hip Life group. We released our first single 2012 which was kwasasa yo, that was when tv3 saw our talent and decided to join us on a tour Tv3 Tigo Festival train. Before we released kyire ido in 2013, the duo was formed in 2010 and the “Famouz” name was given to us by our God Father Okyeame Quophi who trained us for awhile. He recorded 3 songs for us which were love songs in 2011 after which we had one out called “Gimme a chance” in that year we experienced excellent air play but we took it as a test till we came out finally with kwasasa yo 2012 which was produced by short. Our second single „Kyire Ido‟ was officially released Early 2014 with its‟ video premiered exclusively all around Africa, in 2015 The song “Kyire Ido” made it into the Ghanaian top 10 Charts on 9 Radio stations around the country. Following the huge success of our second single, Famouz followed up an even bigger record “AKWEI-MAGANA-Prod.-by-Eyoh-Soundboy ft. ODUNTSE. This banger true to its title hit the dance floors heavy all around the country and Africa almost immediately. Keeping the appetite of Famouz fans still whet, we released our 2016 banger which is making waves now all over Ghana titled “Nufuo No” prod by Eyoh and Mixed by Shot.

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