“Ghana Is Cursed” — Says Nicholas Omane Acheampong

imagesGospel singer Nicholas Omane Acheampong has said he has received a vision from God concerning solutions to the economic challenges Ghana is going through.

“When God spoke to me, he told me to tell Ghanaians that we have brought a curse upon ourselves and that it is not the amount of prayers we say that would save us. He said we should stop praying and learn to speak the truth in all we do, right from the persons in leadership to the last person on the social ladder.

God also told me that it is only a cursed people who would have all the rich minerals including gold, bauxite, crude oil and even the best cocoa in the world, yet its leaders would go to beg for money from other countries where they do not have even half of the resources we have,” Omane Acheampong noted.

The gospel musician said after receiving the vision, he asked God what he should do and God told him to put the message in the form of a song and sing it to the nation.

“If I entitle the song ‘Ghana’, it would sound like a patriotic song; so I decided to do a little research and I found something interesting. I realised that March 6, 1957—the day Ghana was born—fell on a Wednesday; so Ghana is called ‘Akua’ and not ‘Ama Ghana’. Ama is for Saturday borns and if our independence day was on a Wednesday, why do we call Ghana ‘Ama Ghana’? Calling a person by a wrong name can change the person’s destiny.

So I decided to put the message into a song and name it ‘Akuya-57’ because Ghana was born on a Wednesday in 1957. And the song contains the exact message God gave me for the country and it is about speaking the truth,” Omane Acheampong explained.

The gospel musician denied he has said in the song that all Ghanaian politicians are corrupt: “The politicians themselves are accusing each other of corruption, so why should it take a gospel musician to tell them they are corrupt.

That would not be news. I have not said that in the song. I said the attitude of dishonesty and telling of lies cuts across all sectors of our country—politicians, artisans, journalists, lawyers, entertainers, landlords, tenants and drivers all included.”

The Akuya-57 album would be launched on Sunday October 5, 2014 at the Glorious Wave Church International at Sakumono in Accra. It is expected to be another hit song to add to Omane Acheampong’s repertoire of mega hit songs including Tabitha Kum, Zaphanat Panea and Maher-shalal-Hash-ba.