Ghana needs prophets – Uncle Ebo Whyte talks up new play ‘The Smartest Man Alive’

imagesGhana’s smartest story-teller alive, Uncle Ebo Whyte says he is honoured that his plays are becoming prophetic as his latest one ‘The Smartest Man Alive’ is turning out to be.

The ‘Smartest man alive’ has a hilarious section where a man bleats like a goat anytime he tells a lie to his girlfriend.

Moses, the lead act in Uncle Ebo Whyte’s latest play, has the perfect spin on every story. He is a smart guy and is always on top of issues. He is a great asset to his party and is usually called upon to represent his party on radio to do battle. One day a story comes out that seeks to tarnish the image of the party chairman and as usual, Moses is called upon to do his magic and rubbish that claim.

But just as he is about to go into high gear, he meets a very peculiar person that warns him that he will behave like the very last animal he ate, anytime he tells a lie. How does this pan out?

The play comes weeks after the President labelled himself as having a #deadgoatsyndrome and triggered a frenzy on social media

President Mahama meant that like a dead goat, no amount of public pressure will get him to do anything he has not planned for.

But Uncle Ebo Whyte maintains that his play and Mahama’s utterances are simply “a wonderful coincidence”.

He told’s entertainment journalist Dela Aglanu he wrote the play a year ago and started rehearsal three weeks before President John Mahama made the statement in Botswana while interacting with the Ghanaian community.

Nonetheless, Uncle Ebo maintains that for his plays to turn out “almost like a prophetic thing…..that is a humbling thing”.

He recalled two more plays that turned out just like this one.  His play, Games Men Play told the story about how negative team spirit, indiscipline and personal ambition  derailed the fortunes of the Black Stars team.

Weeks later the Black Stars fiasco in Brazil 2014 World Cup retold his prediction in frightening detail. Indiscipline, personal ambition was the least of the negatives that embarrased Ghana at the World Cup.

Ghana had to set up a World Cup Commission of Inquiry to understand the depth of the bizarre Brazil blunder.

But Ebo Whyte maintains he is not interested in making a political point with his plays.

“I have tried to leave politics to the politicians because for them it is a game. They are having a huge fun at our expense”, he said.

But while he does not fancy politics, he gladly fancies any link to being a prophet.

“If there is one thing I would pray for it would be the anointing of a prophet because this nation needs a prophet”, he said.

He explained that prophets help people make right choices and suggested that for Ghana to remain underdeveloped despite many blessings means as a people, we are not making right decisions.

Join Uncle Ebo Whyte and the Roverman Productions team at the National Theatre on the 28th and 29th of March and 4th and 5th of April 2015 as they unveil their new play, THE SMARTEST MAN ALIVE.

“The Smartest Man Alive” is the latest play written & directed by Uncle Ebo Whyte. The play explores the basis of love relationships in Ghana, and challenges us to question if we are using our talents and skills to serve or take advantage of others.

There will be two shows each day, 4:00 & 8:00pm

Rate is 60 Cedis.

THE SMARTEST MAN ALIVE is sponsored by Airtel.

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