Ghanaian Actors In Gay Fight

tonardo-omarGhanaian Actors Email Nana Wood, aka ‘Tonardo,’ and Umar Krupp have been speculated as gay lovers though no evidence has been provided to back the claim.

The two had been speculated to be gays several times, and the fact that they are often seen together may be the reason of the speculation.

News-One’ called Tonardo over the matter and put the question on whether or not the speculation were true, and he said he may have to seek legal action soon to end the speculation and that he was only waiting for a scapegoat.

“Umar is my buddy-buddy and we do a lot of things in secret and in the open; but the things we do never involve homosexual stuff. I have heard these nonsense talks but they are just nonsense talks and that is that,” Tonardo explained.

He however did not deny that Umar recently fought with someone at the Accra Mall because the person had openly accused Tonardo of being gay.

“Look, I am not gay and I don’t know how many times I should repeat this. If you want me to stop wearing rings on my face before you believe I am not gay, then you better stop hoping because I won’t stop wearing rings all over my body. Which gay has a daughter? I have a daughter and I would be making more soon to show,” Tonardo added.

Umar recently came out publicly to clear the air that he is not a homosexual and that people should not misjudge him because of the gay role he played in a movie.

In a recent interview with Trailer TV, Umar said he had received amorous proposals from a very popular man who wanted to lure him into homosexual activities but turned him down and reported the act to his mother.