Ghanaian Arrested In The U.S For Stealing $300,000 Out Of A Retirement Account

The law caught up with this Ghanaian man.

A Ghanaian made a name in Connecticut committing financial crimes.

retirement account and making away with $300,000 of people’s hard earned money.

Arrest of Kwadjo Osei-Wusu and the financial fraud

However, he committed the crime in 2014. After that he constructed an elaborate scheme for the money to be withdrawn without drawing too much attention.

The stolen money was first deposited into several fraudulent accounts which were then later withdrawn and given to Kwadjo.

That was until his luck run out and he was arrested last week. He was arraigned before court and charged with money laundering, larceny and conspiracy to commit identity theft.

He’s being held on a $450,000 bail.