Ghanaian comedians lack the platform to compete with their Nigerian counterparts

David Aglah

David Aglah

Ghanaian Comedian David Aglah has stated that Ghanaian comedians lack the platform to compete with their Nigerian counterparts.

Contrary to the backlash for their poor performances, Mr. Aglah stated that Nigerians have been in the comedy business way before they (Ghanaian) joined.

‘Nigerians have been doing it for a very long time, Ghanaian Comedians have been funny but have not got the platform to perform, it’s just the platform,’ he intimated.

According to him, Ghanaian comedians have been performing creditably as their counterparts who have been regarded as ‘real’ entertainers.

‘Ever since Ghanaian were put on the platform, they have been rocking night of thousand laughs stages and other platforms, Nigerians have the mileage ahead of us, it doesn’t mean they are better than us. I tend to disagree. We need to work on ourselves, that’s all, if you give the two the stage, Ghanaian will perform creditably’.

‘Lots have changed lately, you need to watch them before you can appreciate their performances,’ the Comedian said.

Speaking on Ultimate E-Review hosted by Naa Klordey Odonkor on Saturday, he explained that ‘There are different kinds of comedians; they are those who act and those who do stand-up comedy. If you have to compare two comedians you have to know the fields each is in. It’s important to know who to par who with’. He refuted claims that Ghanaian comedians do not crack people up when they mount comedy shows.

Nigerian comedians who are noted for cracking the ribs of people include Basketmouth, AY. Bovi, Helen Paul, I Go dey, Gordon among others.

Ghanaian comedians who have in one way or the other entertained comedy audience and are rubbing shoulders with Nigerian acts also include Funny Face, Foster, DKB, Bismark the joke, KSM, Romanus, Chemical, General Ntetia, OB, David Oscar, Ajezzy, Lil win, Agya Koo, Kalybos and others.

In the 80’s and 90’s Ghana had comedians such as Water Proof, Bob Okalla, Super OD, Judas, Nkomode, Ice Kenkey and Tea bread.