Ghanaian’s are too hypocritical and sexually boring amid Amanda Afriyie

Mr & Mrs Afriyie

Mr & Mrs Afriyie

Ghanashowbiz is finding it very unpleasant to share the viral story of Amanda Acquah, wife to Ghana midfielder Afriyie Acquah. The 45 seconds video which has gone viral across the internet and most especially through whatsapp sharing platform.

Unfortunately these kind of leakages will not stop since gradually the enhanced features of mobile devices and different social mediums have made it possible for love ones to communicate in the form of audio, videos and photos etc. Although it may seem wrong for people to masturbate, it will be shocking if any of my readers can confidently cast the first stone at Amanda. The sad part is where she did not take initiative to delete the video or possibly inform the other parties that had access to do the same, yet it does not give audience who may even masturbate over her video to call her names.

Come on guys… give her a break and allow her to live life and enjoy her marriage life. Allow me to speculate here “Ghanaian’s are too hypocritical and sexually boring”. If Mrs Afriyie wishes to do herself in the absence of Mr Afriyie, isn’t it better than having an affair with another human? What would be the reportage if she was having an affair? After all non of you are saints.

Leave her alone.

By Antwi Odrey