Grey Goose thrills guests with blue light party

Grey Goose- the world’s best tasting vodka – has held a cocktail party at the Polo Club’s Il Cavalier Pazzo restaurant, in Accra last Friday, treating their guests with an exciting cool evening of good music.

The “Blue Light” themed party was an outdoor terrace and cark park event at the Il Cavalier Pazzo restaurant of the Polo Club.

White Lounge sofas donned with blue Grey Goose Cushions and light-up ice buckets were set under blue LED lights, to set the tone for a cool evening with music and dancing.

According to organizers of the event, “The 200 plus guests were welcomed with their choice of an assortment of free cocktails. Upon entrance there was a full service bar available and a canapés menu for guests to enjoy”.

Samsung generously gave 3 flat screen TVs for the event. And Grey Goose themed video montages were streamed throughout the party for the enjoyment of guests.

“This event was another step in expanding the exposure for Grey Goose and increasing their popularity. In the past two months, they have held 3 successful events. Their demand and popularity is steadily increasing. I attended their last event as well and had a great time. They really know how to make people have a good time. And the cocktails are great”, an excited guest stated.

“There is a lot more to see from Grey Goose, they are just getting started,” noted Kobalt Blue Events Limited, organizers of the event.


Ghana|Joy News|Dorcas Efe Mensah