grown ass people giggling ….. Amanda ‘s naked video|Afia Schwarzenegger

Afia Schwarzenegger shares her views on the trending Amanda Acquah video tape scandal.


She said Instagram:

“My look when I hear grown ass people giggling and laughing because of Amanda ‘s naked video..Really??

Well let me brief y’all…Kim Kardashian became popular by allegedly leaking her own sex video…She also made mention of Arabs; saying that even though they seldom see naked women, she doubts they’d be excited about the sextape of Amanda Acquah

Ghanaians should stop acting like Arabs because I doubt if men in Saudi Arabia(where such things are Harram ) will be excited over that video!?#?weakmindedpeople?

Babe please dedicate a song for 2 people and let’s move on!!!!! Amanda is human and is free to make mistakes just like any other person!!!!”

See the post below:

By Antwi Odrey