Halle Berry Pays Alexandra Shipp Dust

Photo Credit: Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram

Halle Berry portrayed Storm in earlier “X-Men” movies, but newcomer Alexander Shipp has been chosen to portray a younger Storm in the next installment.

Interestingly enough, when Alexandra reached out to Halle to get some tips on portraying the iconic comic book character on the big screen, she didn’t get a response.

In a recent interview, Alexandra Shipp revealed Halle Berry paid her dust when she reached out about the upcoming film.

Yahoo! Movies writes:

“I was like, ‘All right, hold on. People aren’t going to want to see you be Halle Berry. Otherwise they’re going to want Halle, you know? You got to find your own Storm. You got to find who you think Storm is in these moments and in this time in her life.’”

Shipp tried getting in touch with Berry, but that didn’t work out. “I reached out to her,” Shipp said. “You know, Halle’s got her show and her family and stuff. So I understand, she’s got her thing going on. Also, I think that my email might have scared her because it was a lot of word vomit. Like, ‘Oh, my God, I love you, you’re so amazing. What does your hair smell like? What perfume do you wear? If you had a favorite deodorant scent, what would it be?’”

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles|urbanbellemag.com