I would be acting in Hollywood if I had JUJU


Photo credit: facebook

Fast rising Ghanaian Actress, Safowaah, who has recently won a couple of awards, has been tainted by some critics as using black magic(juju) to aid her in achieving the successes. The Actress has however responded to these accusations and this is what she had to say;

“So when will people stop thinking that Ghanaians or Africans can’t make it in life without “Juju”…everything is ‘Juju”. Those claiming to have known me are just jealous am making it. If i have “juju” why won’t it let me be acting in Hollywood? I’m simply a hard working lady given the best talent by God. God gave me my talent so why will i use “juju”

The Actress further advised fans to ignore those rumours and accusations against her.

By: Samuel Nyarko