How The House Help Ruined My Relationship 2

klcmzcdchafar56333c1472397-300x216 I picked a taxi  to go home and I was extremely  furious  about what happened. I passed by shop rite bought ice cream and a box of chocolate  to cool myself down. I decided not to mention  anything  about  it to Frank  because  I might come up strongly on him. As I got home I put my items in the fridge and took  my bath, I stood under the shower for about 30 minutes thinking  of how best to deal with this situation.
After my shower  I decided  to check my messages  and I saw texts from Frank and missed calls. I put my phone off and decided to play some jazz whiles eating  ice cream  and chocolate, I fell asleep  in the couch and woke up around  3 am in the morning. I had my quite time and I prepared  for work. I cleaned my room layed the bed swept the hall and mopped the whole house. I ironed my clothes  took my bath and dressed  up for work.
I stepped out then remembered i had left my phone off lying  on my table in the hall. I went to pick the phone and switched it on, It started  ringing. Frank was calling  I picked the call and he sounded very worried  and I  told him I switched  off my phone to be alone. He kept asking  why I wanted to be alone and didn’t  know how to hide what  happened  so I told him we should  meet after work so I explain . He said he couldn’t  come to pick me up and he would  like me to ran an errand for him rather.
I was surprised  and questioned out of anger if the house help couldn’t  do it. He was still calm and asked me to visit a car shop to pick  up some documents  for him. I reluctantly  agreed and took instructions on how to get them. I closed from work early to pick up the douments for Frank , I stopped a taxi and went to the shop. As I entered I spotted a black Kia Chevrolet and I was admiring it when the shop owner approched. I told him I was here on behalf of Frank Agyekum to pick up his car documents.
He went to his office  and returned with some documents  and a car keys I thanked him and turning  to leave when he asked if I wasn’t  leaving  with the car. I decided to check the car details  and it was the black  Chevrolet  I saw and the documents  were in my name.
I was surprised  so i excused myself and called Frank, he said something  amazing ” baby that’s your new car it’s a gift from me to you. I love you soo much” I actually  felt my head spinning  for the first  time. I couldn’t  believe  myself and I kept thanking  him and shouting on the phone. After I calmed down I went to sit in the car and drove   to the house to prepare  a sumptuous  meal to share with Frank. I totally  forgot the events  of the weekend.
We will continue  tmrw as you follow how the house help destroyed  my relationship.

Story ;

Monica  Otumfuor