How The House Help Ruined My Relationship 5

klcmzcdchafar56333c1472397-300x216This same house help was lying  on Frank’s bed half naked in a seductive  pose. I stared at Frank  and he didn’t  look surprised  either so I just waited for him to say something  to her; he said nothing.  immediately  i tried to pull her out of the bed walked to the bed. She kicked my tummy  and I let go of her and she fell  back on the bed. I bent over gave her a slap on the cheek then retreated because Frank was separating us. He asked the girl to leave the room and I stood there with so much pain in my tummy. I sat on the bed as tears welled up my eyes I couldn’t bear the pain in my abdomen
“Frank what’s happening  to us, please explain  what’s going  on here because am confused?” I yelled
“Mandy this is more complicated than you can imagine; she is actually  not just a house help but a woman who came here just to be with me. When she realized we were dating, she found ways and means to come between us which she succeed. She claims she is pregnant  now and I didn’t know how to tell  you because of shame. I didn’t  know till last week when she confessed her mission.
I cried so hard that I felt the pain sharply in my abdomen because  of the blow I suffered from the househelp”
I sat down about some minutes in shock  trying  to figure out how to walk out of the room and leave. Frank stood beside me trying  to comfort me and professing his love for me but all didn’t  matter.
I returned Frank’s car keys to him, i called Eugene, directed him to Frank’s  house to pick me up. I slowly stood up and was about to leave when Frank knelt down and asked for my forgiveness . I shook my head and walked out of the room and waited outside for Eugene. After some minutes  he arrived and we drove of to his house so he could help me forget about my pain
Eugene ushered me to his hall and offered me a seat. He  called for someone  to serve me a drink and I asked him who she was and he said “that’s my househelp Adjoa ”
My heart skipped a beat at those words…………
I sat there and after thinking  I realized that our house helps could ride our lives more than we imagined because  they are indirectly the custodians of our daily activities. Watch out for the people you bring  home to join your family most of them are not there to help but destroy .
The end
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Story ;

Monica  Otumfuor