I am too good for you but … – 44-year-old Miss G tells Bomaye

Of all the 12 contestants in the Multi-TV reality show, I’m in Love with Bomaye, the ‘unique’ and most interesting personality is 44-year-old Miss G.

She is the eldest and while many will wish her out of the competition; she has a game plan up her sleeves.

During a one-on-one session with the KING, Alex Biney, Sunday, Miss G played her wild cards and of course she didn’t fail to show her sense of maturity to Alex.

She was busy giving the KING tips on spotting a good wife and also how to handle a woman.

After 13 weeks of tasks and evictions, one of the 13 maidens will get the opportunity to either marry Alex or walk away with the cash prize of US$20,000.

When Alex quizzed Miss G on who she thought loved him in the house, she was swift answering, “Since there is no virgin here…they don’t love you!”

She went on to advise the handsome KING that, he doesn’t know their minds whether the person wants him or the money at stake, cautioning him to be careful.

To her, she sees Chichi to be “so innocent” and the only genuine housemate but the rest are pretentious.

The 44-year-old again advised the KING to “Let your heart direct you; don’t let your eyes deceive you,” warning, “There are fake people in the house.”

When asked how she will feel if she should be nominated for eviction, Miss G was firm in stating that, “You can’t choose me…I am too good for you,” adding, “I like you but the love is not there.”

She is however confident that, she is going to spend three months in the house pleading with the KING not to nominate her for eviction, “if you choose me, you will waste your time.”

After disclosing that she has a plan to play the housemates, Alex formed an alliance with her to help him shake the house.

One will wait to see how this alliance pans out. The action is on Multi-TV channel Xtra.


Ghana | Myjoyonline.com | Ernest Dela Aglanu

  • Hi, an advice to Bomaye. I think you should go closer to those ones quite. Don’t alwasys be seen with a particular person or group. The person that you might have in mind as the saint, might disappoint later in life. Most importantly, seek for the lord’s intervention and he will see you through. Success

  • chizzy

    I love d reality show n the way bomaye is playing his cards well.but be careful in ur choice! Chichi uis my favorite housemate.she has this sense of maturity in her,and will be a gud mother,but u have to be sure she loves u n u love her! Wish u luck.

  • yvette abakah

    hi i like u soo much all the gals are fake apart from chichi i like her so much ……….see princy is fake and promzy is the biggest one she is trying to be gud but she is not why shld she tell u things the gals discuss she is part of it but she makes as if she is holy i went her out of this show

  • Ifechukwu Ogbuagu

    Chi Chi is a wife materia, Bomaye don’t make mistake, Chi Chi is d best