I Can’t Figure Out My ‘Problem’ With Genevieve—Omoni Oboli

imagesSometimes ago, there were speculations that Omoni Oboli had issues with Genevieve Nnaji, the acclaimed ‘Queen of Nollywood’, but the former has said she cannot pinpoint how it all started.

Not too long ago, Omoni was slammed for her dress to the Presidential premiere of her new flick, ‘Being Mrs Elliot’. 

Omoni revealed that though she never had any personal argument with her colleague, but the whole issue started when a movie director on the movie set of ‘Anchor Baby’ said she (Omoni) is the best actress in Nigeria.

The actress added that she is neither an enemy of Genevieve nor her friend, but stressed that they don’t visit each other, pointing out that they greet each other when they meet at events.

“I can’t place my fingers on when the supposed ‘beef’ started but one thing I know is that there is no problem between Genevieve and I,” Omoni said