I Love & Respect My Fans-Joselyn Dumas

Actress and host of Viasat 1’s ‘The One Show’, Joselyn Dumas, has taken a strong exception to claims suggesting that she is the type who does not respect her fans.

She said she was a people person and was not discriminatory as being alleged, adding that she treated people with respect, whether such persons were fans or not.

“I am a down to earth. I don’t disrespect people, same way I don’t reject people who come to me. I welcome everybody, because it is them we are working for. You know, with this job you always have to smile to people and be free to everybody; so I try to do that wholeheartedly. I’m sure a number of people out there who observe me, know that about me. I don’t discriminate.”

Joselyn’s comments follow media claims that she refused a fan’s request for a photograph at Citi FM’s Easter Orphan project a Suhum and even demanded money for the photograph.

The claims created the impression that Joselyn was unapproachable and greedy. They also portrayed her as a celebrity who did not respect her fans.

However, the ‘Adams Apple’ lead actress, said none of the above description fit her personality. She said she was aware of her responsibilities as a public figure; hence for the few years that she had been gracing the screens, she had managed to live an exemplary lifestyle worthy of emulation by all who watched her.

The face of the latest Range Rover Evoque added that she had always taken photos with people when they asked for them. At times, she herself asks to take photos with other people.

Reacting directly to the allegations levelled against her, Joselyn said she couldn’t remember if any incident like that happened.

She said she had some exciting and jovial moments with some of the under-privileged children at the orphanage but could not remember asking for money for a photograph from anybody.

She therefore implored the public and her fans not to believe the allegation.

Joselyn is one of Ghana’s celebrities with a large fan base in the country. She is currently one of the rulers on Ghana’s silver-screens. She hosts Viasat 1’s ‘The One Show and she brings a fresh style to TV hosting in Ghana. She is one of the driving forces behind Shirley Frimpong Manso’s Adam Apple’, alongside Adjetey Anang, Yvonne Okoro among others. Dumas were recently named the face of Range Rover Evoque, the latest luxurious car from PHC Motors Limited. The vehicle was launched in Ghana last year and the decision to get a face to market the brand fell on Dumas.

Source: Francis Addo/Daily Guide