I smoke cigarette but i will never smoke ‘wee’- Yul Edochie

imagesMovie star, Yul Edochie, has carved a niche for himself over the years to become one of the most sought after actors in Nollywood.

Unlike some of actors who are well known for their smoking habits both on and off set, Yul, the last child of  Nigerian movie legend, Pete Edochie, has not made his smoking habit known.

So when nigeriafilms.com met the Anambra State born father of three, puffing on a stick of cigarette in Festac Town recently, this is what ensued…

Do you smoke?

Good question. Well, I smoke but sometimes not always. Whenever I want to be alone to think about some things, I chill with cigarettes but I don’t smoke marijuana; just cigarettes.

Why not weed also?

No, it will never get to that extent. My father warned me that I can smoke cigarette but not weed or drugs. You do a lot of crazy things under the influence of dope. It makes you act irrational and it kills the brain cells.

So do you also do more of alcohol?

Not much too. I just drink but I don’t drink to get drunk. May be a little bit tipsy, but never drunk.

Yul, born Chukwubuike Daniel Edochie, was named ‘Yul’ by his father after an American actor. He also recalled how his growing up days was like with a famous father, Pete Edochie.

“Growing up was really good with him as a father. He is extremely strict, but I thank God that He gave me a father like that. I couldn’t have wished for a better father.

“ He is a strict Catholic, so a lot of things I know today I learnt because of my background. Like I told you, I would rather die than do drugs. Kill me but I won’t dope and that’s how my father is.

“My father made us to understand that, it is better to have a good name. Good name will get you riches and everything you need.”

“That’s the kind of family I was raised in and my mum too is very strict. There wasn’t much money then to throw around but we grew up loving God and one another,” he said.