I used to repair bicycles|Criss Waddle

Criss Waddle

Criss Waddle

Over the years, many have labelled Criss Kwaku Waddle, CEO of AMG as the richest musician in Ghana.

To them, Criss Waddle doesn’t make his money from the music that he does but other businesses that’s why he is able to engage himself in those rich lifestyles and more.

Criss Waddle was on Hitz Fm and when asked by Dr. Pounds how he makes his money he said,

“Those days I used to repair bicycles. You know I had to fix bicycle at a point in my hustle life, so the plumbing business is just another skill I have and use.”

He continued, “I’ve been a plumber for some time now, but my charge is very expensive but yes, I’m still available to work on plumbing works for people who are interested. So aside music, plumbing is where I make most of my money.” He said.

Source: thebigtriceonline.com