“I will wear short dresses if they look mature” – Mzbel

This year’s Mothers day was entertaining on Top radio 103.1FM as most Ghanaian female celebrities like Mzbel, Diamond, Vicky Zugah, Jackie Appiah etc had the opportunity to wish their mothers Happy Mother’s Day.

Though the Entertainment show (Top Showbiz) was dedicated to Mothers’ Day, the host of the show Nana Ama Adobea used the opportunity to ask Mzbel if she really said that she was dropping her old image to a new one.

Mzbel responded that, she had never said that but rather had actually said she was enhancing her style of dressing.

After the live radio interview, Flex newspaper had the opportunity to chit chat with Mzbel for her to elaborate on what she meant by enhancing on her new image.

She stated that “may be my explanation didn’t go well with the public. When I say I am going to enhance on my wears, it doesn’t mean that I am going to change the silhouette of the dresses I wear “she stated.

She added that as time changes so does the culture of a people change. ”There are dresses that teenagers wear and there are dresses that grown ups wear, and I don’t think you can go in for kids dress.

You will go in for dress that will fit you, so what I am talking about is that I am going to dress like a matured person, so if there are short attractive wears for grown ups, I will go in for them”, Mzbel quipped.

She also said that there are short skirts that when adults wear, look good on them, her choice of style of dresses would also depend on where she will perform and where she goes even though she would make sure it looks matured.

Talking about why Ghanaians are not making it in Nigeria like they use to since her song ( 16 years ) is one of the Ghanaian songs which stole the hearts of Nigerians, she stated that the main problem is Ghanaian musicians are no longer creating the links in Nigeria like they used to do some years back, but now she is working on some deals with Kennis Music alongside promoting her new songs in Nigeria so she believes very soon she will recoup her name back in Nigeria, like some years ago.

As to what is in the pipeline for Mzbel apart from her new album she is working on, she said that she is also shooting some reality show, named ”Keep Bel In the City.’

Talking about her movie career she revealed that the Single Six movie was very challenging to her and that is why she was able to come out with her best acting skills.



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