Ignorance Is Killing The Ghanaian Music Industry – Kwaw Kese

623268009_307939Ghana’s king of the streets, Kwaw Kese also known as Abodam, says there is too much ignorance in the country which is killing the creative arts industry.

Kwaw Kese was sharing his thoughts on the infamous Chris Brown weed smoking saga at an Rlg program on Tuesday. He said if it were a Ghanaian artist who had smoked weed on stage, he will not be walking freely even from stage.

“There is too much ignorance in Ghana, Ghanaian Dj’s play songs from the west that contain the ‘F’ and ‘N’ words on radio but refuse to play songs played by Ghanaian artist… “My song Fle Fle was not played because someone thought I was insulting somebody” he laments.

“We gave him the opportunity, because if the organizers had briefed him on the dos’ and donts of our society he would not have done that,” the Abodam man said.

“Chris brown cannot stand on any American stage and smoke weed, so doing that in Ghana is respect to the whole nation.

“A lot of people smoke, Artistes, Djs, politicians; but it’s not something you go out and do in public,” the street branded artiste said.

Chris Brown’s choice of stage antics has been a subject of discussion in the country, some members of parliament have called for his immediate arrest while a group is purported to have lodged a complaint at the stadium police station for his arrest.

Though organizers of the event Charterhouse and Rlg have come out in separate accounts to explain the situation, their position seems to have fueled public anger.

Police PR Cephas Arthur in an attempt to explain actions by the police asked if Ghanaians can say they have not done this before. He said we must take the log out of our eyes, and then we will see clearly to take the speck out of our brother’s eye.

Source: Kojo Smith