I’m in love with Bomaye: Harriet wins Queen of the Week

Harriet has been voted the Queen of the Week in the on-going I’m in love with Bomaye reality show.

The maidens Sunday night voted for one housemate they thought was best suited to be their queen for the second week of show.

After the ballots, Harriet polled nine votes, the highest, while Chichi, Miss G and Blay had one vote each.

With the win, Harriet will enjoy a private room, labeled “Queen’s Room”, close to the KING’s room for a week. This is considered a unique advantage as Harriet will be just a stone’s throw from Alex, the King.

While Harriet was basking in the glory of being the Queen of the Week, Chichi, Favour and Princy sat in the living room while the rest of the maidens were fast asleep discussing how the King was avoiding their company lately.

For Princy, one could easily feel her pain considering the fact that she was last week’s Queen of the House.

Princy believes that she could still enjoy the company of the King even if she is not voted the Queen of the Week. She is still nursing the wounds of the way the winner of the “Date night with the KING”, Jay, had Promzy’s support to mastermind her ejection from the Queen’s Room.

She said “Me, Princy, sometimes I make hard like that but I get into bed and cry.”

She told the girls how attractive the King is and the fact that, “one cannot resist him if one does not exercise self control.”

Chichi then suggested that they device measures they can implement to make the King jealous when a male guest visits the reality house.

She attested that the king was not psychologically balanced with the situations emanating from maidens and would never wish to be in his shoes as King.



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