‘I’m Proud of Sarkodie’- Herty Borngreat

While some Ghanaian Christian singers would have absolutely nothing to do with secular musicians, award-winning gospel singer Herty Bongreat has said she is exceptionally proud of BET Award recipient Sarkodie.

“I am exceptionally proud of him and would never shy away from him simply because he is not a Christian singer. Sarkodie has made history by being the very first Ghanaian to ever win an award at the BET and we must all celebrate him, especially those of us who are musicians,” Herty told NEWS-ONE.

According to Herty Bongreat, she felt particularly proud of Sarkodie’s achievement because she had a gospel duet with him. “Let me explain this before I am misinterpreted; I am not saying my collaboration with him influenced his award in anyway but what I am saying is that I have always seen him as a good musician and his award vindicates my position.

“He is not a gospel musician but he is also not a Satanist and I feel proud to have collaborated with him for my ‘Bebrebe’ song and I even more feel more proud that he has won a BET at a time my song with him is still making waves,” Herty Bongreat noted.

‘Bebrebe’ is a duet between Sarkodie and Herty, with the beat produced by Kaywa. The song is a thanksgiving one that has both artistes expressing gratitude to God.

While Sarkodie sang about how God had lifted his music career from obscurity to prominence and healed his mother when she fell ill, Herty sang about the repetitive blessing of God in her life and the number of children God had blessed her family with. Indeed, Herty has five strong children, all below age 12.

Source: News One