Is Jussie Smollett Leaving Empire?

Photo Credit: Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram

Last night’s episode of “Empire” was a shocking one and it has some people wondering if Jussie Smollett could be leaving the show. While it was rumored months ago that Trai Byers wanted out of “Empire,” now it seems as if Jussie could be the one to really walk away.
On last night’s episode, Jamal Lyon was shot accidentally by Freda Gatz (she was aiming for Lucious Lyon, but Jamal jumped in front to shield his father), and Jamal’s fate is still up in the air considering the episode ended without an update of his status.

However, Jussie actually took to Twitter to suggest the character was killed off the show.

Read tweets from top to bottom:

jussie-twitter jussie-twitter-2

Honestly, we just don’t think FOX would go through with killing off such a beloved character so soon. We wouldn’t be surprised if Jussie was just trolling. But time will tell.
By: Amanda Anderson-Niles|